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CSEAO provides conferences, seminars, and workshops to its members on selected
subjects relating to engineering concerns and local water and sewer systems.  Special
bulletins about critical state and national legislative matters are frequently issued.
Members also receive a variety of publications, including the Annual Sanitary Engineers Roster.

Many Counties in the State of Ohio have established a Sanitary Engineering Department to administer the authority vested in the Board of County Commissioners in matters of drinking water, wastewater, storm water, and solid waste management. State law extends to the Board of County Commissioners the authority to create and maintain a Sanitary Engineering Department under the supervision of a registered professional engineer.


Operating funds for the various utilities that each department administers are created through fees and assessments. Most Counties do not subsidize the Utility Funds with County General Fund revenue.


Officers and Directors
Officers and Directors serve a one year term beginning in December of each year.
Committees meet regularly to keep current on a variety of topics.